Notes You Need To Know When Choosing The Mountain Bike Affectively

With those who love risk feeling and want to rick terrain such as rough road or uneven cliff that has many barricade so the mountain bike cannot be ignored. There are many type of mountain bike and brand of mountain bike for you to be headache when making choose. But you are able to be more peaceful with Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike, which is a popular type of mountain bike and terrain bike.

However today we told about the notes for us to be easy to choose the suitable bike. External above bike, with the sharing things you can also choose others, especial the mountain bike. If you understand about a bike clearly and catch the knowledge, feature of parts that are matched together to become bicycle you can use bike professionally and limit risk when using on the mountain.

The following are important accessories of mountain bike and if you want to make best choice of bike you need know them.

  1. Bike Frame

The mountain bike frame is made from material such as: steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, alloy and titan… Every material has different private characters. The material is an important factor that decides bike quality and price. The sustainability of bike also depends on material.

  • Steel frame of mountain bike: it is cheapest in all material, but is reviewed that quality of steel frame isn’t ensure and tough. If you use the mountain bike that is made from steel, it would be good at acting but, it is easily curved and distorted. The time in use isn’t long as you think. Moreover, it is very heavy. So you are difficult to bring on top of the mountain for traveling.
  • Aluminum frame of the mountain bike: it is lighter than others. It is also appreciated about durability of this material. So now the manufacturers often use aluminum to produce the mountain bike. But it still has some disadvantages, because it is a bit tough so its ability of shock absorption is bad when you move on the rough terrains.
  • The alloy frame of the mountain bike: this material is heavier than aluminum frame but the alloy mountain bike is still more expensive that one. Because it is durable, besides it is very silky and smooth when moving on the terrains. It help rider to feeling comfortable and reduce pain of back effectively.
  • Carbon fiber frame of the mountain bike: this is the best material and has the most expensive price for buyer. However it includes the best quality, light and it is very durable. This mountain bike is rider’s expectation. However this frame price is every high and many times higher than the aluminum frame.
  • The titan frame of the mountain bike: it is a perfect choice for the bike frame that has many advantages such as it is lightweight and durable, but its price is a quite high.
  1. The Fork Of Mountain Bike

The terrain and mountain bike cannot lack of this part. It is important. If you pay attention you can see that the road bike don’t have any fork. This part is useful when going on the rough road. Its function is receiving and absorbing the shocks well. So your bike is able to keep balance and stable when riding on the mountain.

There are two type of fork that is popular now: damping – rod fork and cartridge-type fork. They have different weight and durability.  The damping – rod fork is heavier than the cartridge –type fork but more durable.  If you want to be stable you need choose the damping – rod fork, you don’t need to adjust continuously. And that type of fork will help you reduce shock when going on the rough terrain.

  1. Brake Of The Mountain Bike

Nowadays the manufacturers often use disc brake for the mountain bike, because a disc brake is safe, for riders especial the traveling on the mountain. However it is more expensive than others.

There are two types of disc brake: hydraulic disc brakes for mountain bike and mechanical disc brakes. When using two types of this brake you are completely biking on the mountain and the rough terrain, especial the bad weather.

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Have You Made The Right Decision By Choosing The Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Have You Made The Right Decision By Choosing The Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Everybody wants to have a perfect swimming pool in the backyard of their house. This is one thing that is hard to resist because there is no better thing than a swimming pool to enjoy on a sunny day. It is important for everybody to know the essentials about the above ground pools. Checking out all the possible options and the requirements are the two most important aspects when taking a decision about the above ground swimming pool.

The most ideal approach to beat the searing heat of summer is to get into the water of your own swimming pool. It is the refreshing and rejuvenating experience of your own swimming pool, which attracts most people to buy the above ground swimming pools. There is no doubt upon the fact that these swimming pools will be worth your hard-earned money. Pools and decks can be utilized for both recreational swimming and swimming competition. A swimming pool that is designed in a beautiful way increases the value of your home as far as style and work. If you are really serious about buying the best above ground pool, then pay a closer look at the points that are mentioned above.

Father and son in pool

Two types of swimming pools to choose from

There are two major categories of swimming pools that you can choose from. These are, in-ground swimming pools and above ground swimming pools. If you have chosen an in-ground swimming pool, then you must know that it will remain within the ground on a permanent basis and you will have to spend a lot on the installation process of such a swimming pool. If you are comfortable with that sort of a swimming pool and the budget associated with it, then you can go ahead with that type of pool. If not, then you can have a simplified version of swimming pool that offers the same kind of fun and excitement, but the amount of hard work and money is reduced significantly. So, if you don’t have a high budget to spend on a swimming pool, then an above ground swimming pool is the right option for you.

Why is it beneficial to go with an above ground swimming pool?

The above ground model is the best alternative for the individuals who see development cost as a noteworthy aspect in their choice. It is the kind of pool that is anything but difficult to set up as it is made of pre-assembled establishment units. These straightforward units even permit a talented DIY buff to set it up effortlessly or intricacies. Notwithstanding, it would better for the vast majority of us to enlist an expert to do the establishment work to guarantee that everything is done according to the company’s installation guide.

When it comes to installing above ground swimming pools and decks, anyone can do it after reading the instruction manual. You can also take the help of a professional if you want it done in a short period of time and with utmost perfection. The installation work normally starts with the analyzation and the preparation of the spot where you will be placing your above ground swimming pool. The work involves levelling of the surface, right placement of all the components and pouring of water without any leakage. You also have to make sure that the ground on which your swimming pool is placed is good enough to support it.

Once the area is prepared for installation of the swimming pool, the expert installers will begin chipping away at the base track gathering. This assembly should give the backing to the external mass of the swimming pool. The external divider is typically made out of metal, plastic or wood. Once this period of the installation work is finished, the pipe framework is introduced after the sand is connected with the encompassing pool territory.

The final process

The last period of the installation includes the addition of the vinyl liner material on top of the pool dividers. Now, you can add water into the swimming pool. To finish the installation process, the water pumping framework and the water filtering framework is connected to the swimming pool. With this, the installation of your above ground swimming pool concludes. So, you have made the right decision by opting an above ground swimming pool.

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Fitness: Working Out Your Middle

The latest focus in fitness: working out your middle

Here’s why your center matters:

Muscled quads and chiseled biceps may look great, but top trainers know that the real key to 21st-century fitness is in the “core,” fitness lingo for the abs, obliques and lower-back muscles. “If you compare the body to a wheel, we often tend to work on the spokes when we should focus on the center to get the most-effective functional movements,” says Mark Verstegen, director of the Athlete’s Performance Institute in Tempe, Arizona, who has trained such athletes as Mary Pierce and Anna Kournikova. “Without a strong core, you can get in shape only to a certain point.”

In other words, the strongest, most efficient movements–from the swiftest softball swings to the most unshakable arabesques–spring from a sturdy center. What’s more, trainers agree that building a strong middle is one of the best ways to prevent injury. Most of us already do crunches; add exercises for the lower back and obliques, and you’ll be well on your way up the core-porate ladder.


Core Curriculum


  • ABS Dancers adopted Pilates to develop posture and fluidity, not to mention serious six-packs. To strengthen abs with Pilates 100s, lie down with arms at sides, then raise shoulders, arms and legs 2 feet off the ground (as in icon). Pump arms up and down a few inches, contracting abs. Repeat 100 times.


  • OBLIQUES Swimmers use them to power through a stroke; in soccer and tennis, they provide stability when making directional changes. To build side strength, face a wall while holding an 8- to 10-pound medicine ball. Twist torso to the left; as you rotate back, throw the ball against the wall. Do 10 reps; switch sides.



Getting Warmer

What’s hot? Mostly, it’s the things you can’t buy

As the weather heats up, so do our thoughts of what we should buy, wear, do and talk about this summer. Along with the hot stuff featured in this issue, I’ve created a hot list of my own. It consists of things you can’t buy, which makes them all the more desirable.

First on the list: passion

The kind that drives a basketball star to play in relative obscurity for 12 seasons, in Spain, Italy, France and, finally, Japan, as New York Liberty center Kym Hampton did before the launch of the WNBA. When Women’s Sports & Fitness held a private screening of Love & Basketball, the Spike Lee-produced movie about a young couple who dream of growing up to play pro basketball one day, Hampton arrived with her Liberty teammate Rebecca Lobo.

The movie’s plot takes Monica, the female lead (Sanaa Lathan), to Europe for a miserable season in Spain. In one hilarious scene, her coach gives a long, rousing pep talk in Spanish; when Monica asks a teammate to translate, she simply answers, “He said if we get the ball, to pass it to you.” Before the movie, a reporter asked Lobo whether Michael Jordan was her role model, and she sent a swift pass Hampton’s way. “Actually, I think of Kym as a role model,” she replied. “Anyone who can play in Europe for all those years and then make it in the WNBA is a great inspiration.” At the postscreening party, Kym announced she was going to come out of retirement, something that no one anticipated. I’ll be rooting for her.

Next on my hot list: Knowing one’s limits–and ignoring them.

When soccer star Mia Hamm held her first charity golf tournament in North Carolina this spring, five of her soccer teammates showed up. The morning of the outing, associate publisher Lee Slattery and I went for a jog and ran smack into Kristine Lilly, Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain, also heading out for a training run, to be followed by a weight-training session. We gamely tried to keep up with them for the first mile, and I was feeling okay. Then I stupidly commented, “Hey, you guys are younger and gold medalists, and we’re keeping up!” That got them going. (more…)


Users Turn To Transducers To Stop Motor Short Cycling

NEW YORK–Contractors and users are employing transducers to monitor compressor head and suction pressure in order to prevent short cycling when duty cycling refrigeration and HVAC equipment, and to achieve energy efficiency in multiple compressor configurations, according to industry sources.

When Duty Cycling

In both applications, transducers with controllers can monitor compressor conditions to ensure that the systems operate efficiently and safely, sources said. When duty cycling, the devices can be used to prevent the compressor from being restarted when system pressure is too high, they said. In a Multiple compressor installation, the transducers can be used to indicate when individual units should be optimally started or stopped, they added.

Although there is some controversy about the soundness of duty cycling compressor–ranging from overstated savings claims to whether it damages compressor–sources generally agreed that it can be done safely by properly monitoring with transducers.

The principle of duty cycling is based on turning equipment on and off in preset cycles in order to use less energy in heating or cooling a building.

Compressor damage occurs when an improperly set duty cycler restarts a compressor too soon after it has been shut off. Because duty cyclers base their restart decision on preset schedules and not on the actual compressor system conditions, the compressors will sometimes be restarted when system pressure is extremely high.

This premature restart, known as shorting cycling, causes premature compressor failure by staining the compressor motor, sources said. (more…)


Reduce Your Diving Risks

DIVING IS ONE OF THE FEW SPORTS THAT REQUIRES an education in physics, physiology and medicine as part of the qualifications for certification. These requirements have been accepted for many years, and stem from the fact that diving places unique stresses on the body and requires underwater life support systems that must be learned and understood.Because there is so much medicine involved with diving, the scientific community supports a continuing research effort to understand the related medical problems.

Each year there are a number of meetings where diving physicians and scientists gather to report new findings and update knowledge on diving medicine and physiology.

Reduce Your Diving Risks

One such meeting is the annual meeting of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, an organization that represents diving physicians and scientists throughout the world. At their annual meeting of 2001, some important concepts were presented that are worthy of comment, as they influence all aspects of diving, including sport diving.

Swimming Efficiency

I was taught by experts in underwater kinesiology that there was a certain degree of drag from equipment, and this produced the energy demands experienced when swimming underwater.

A group of diving scientists examined the affect of body position on drag (the resistance to motion caused by the water). They looked at drag when swimming horizontally, and when a diver tilts upward when swimming. The upward swimming posture is often observed in divers who are over weighted. By swimming in a 10-degree head-up position, your swimming capacity would be reduced by about 12 percent; and with a 20- degree head-up position, swimming capacity would be reduced by 22 percent. If you add a camera or other equipment, another loss of 20 percent in capacity will be encountered. (more…)


Country Clubbing

With pedal pushers and twin-sets, golf’s gone retro.

Once again, it’s hip to be square.

Not since the era when everyone liked Ike and Perry Como ruled the airwaves has golf looked so conservative. Par for the course in the 1950s was a style as buttoned up and tailored as the decade itself: Bold prints and sherbet colors were emblematic of the culture’s postwar optimism. These days, neo-con chic has taken over the links with all the nostalgic vengeance of a Donna Reed Show reunion.

If you thought that 2000 would bring air-conditioned Kevlar shirts and jet packs for golf bags, guess again. Simple cottons and knits from Lacoste and Lilly Pulitzer have supplanted space-age synthetic fibers, at least for now. (After all, Babe Didrikson didn’t need wicking to win 41 professional tournaments.) Think preppy and peppy h la Kate Hepburn with a little bit of Bob Hope thrown in. The golfer-in-chief should take note of this fashion flash: Retro-Republican wear could foreshadow a more conservative player in the Oval Office next year. Our advice to Al Gore: Pile on the plaid and borrow the boss’s clubs. You know what they say about the early birdie.

Prints Charming

The perfect golf partner? One who makes you look good, of course. The ideal pairing: a soft-as-a-putting-green knit twinset by Malo ($436) and a wrap skirt in the Margaret print by Lilly Pulitzer ($98). Spot similar bold prints on top golfer Michelle McGann, who’s wearing all Lilly this season. (Her biggest challenge will be finding hats that match.)

Power Pleats

Short skirts aren’t just for tennis anymore. It’s only appropriate that a company called Babe Didrikson, after the legendary athlete, would come out with a retro pleated golf skirt, but in a modern Microtech-blend fabric ($240). The MagneForce Performance golf glove ($25) uses biomagnetic technology to soothe a sore wrist. This red-and-white-striped polo by Malo ($265) looks great on the green.

Fuddy Duds

Golf’s short-lived punky phase is apparently over, replaced by the return of a decidedly retro look. Nothing says ’50s time warp like Escada Sport’s pretty pink-poplin short-sleeved shirt ($175) and tailored plaid capri pants ($265). (more…)

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